Aesthetic Dentistry - Teeth Whitening

We believe that the most successful, and most economical, way to whiten teeth is with custom-fitted trays at home. Whitening gel will not harm your teeth, but at the stronger and more effective strengths, it can be hard on the gums. Having a set of custom trays keeps the gel on your teeth, and off of your gums. This is a two appointment process, fifteen minutes each, with impressions at the first visit and delivery of the trays and gel a couple days later. Whitening doesn’t change the shade of any dental work, and is most effective for patients whose front teeth are not heavily restored. The initial kit comes with a two-week supply, and these results will last for a few years. One huge advantage of a tray system is that a small amount of gel can be purchased periodically, for a nominal charge, to keep the teeth lighter.

At Dr. Dean Wershler Dentistry we use the Pola Advance Tooth Whitening System.