Supporting our local artists and organizations

You may have noticed in your past few visits to our clinic some amazing artwork on our walls. Many of these pieces are purchases that we made to help local organizations such as A Loving Spoonful as well as local artists such as, Joe Average, Sylvia Tait, and John Ferrie. All of the proceeds have gone to a great cause and it’s win-win because you our client as well as our team here at Dean Wershler Dentistry get to enjoy these amazing works of art for years to come.

Just in case you’ve missed them on your visits, here are a few images of our past and more recent acquisitions. Enjoy!

Our continued education helps to contribute to your next perfect check up!

At Westend Dentist, we feel it’s important to stay on top of the latest product advancements, new practices and techniques when it comes to oral health. Since your health is our number one goal, we want to ensure that your comfort and confidence in each and every visit you make to our clinic is paramount.

Working towards these goals, Dr. Wershler recently attended the Australian Dental Congress in Brisbane. In addition to seeing the latest developments in products at the exhibition portion of the conference, most of his time was spent attending lectures. The two main topics revolved around gerodontology (the branch of dentistry dealing with treating aging patients) and how to deal with tooth wear from grinding, overbrushing and acidic foods. Dr. Wershler had the opportunity to attend and listen to many informative lectures by world renowned speakers and has brought some of that knowledge back to the practice.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your oral health, so don’t be shy, just ask away. Sharing this knowledge with you makes us smile and we know it will ultimately make your smile just the way we all want it to be.

You can read more about the Australian Dental Congress in Brisbane by clicking here.

Oral health is more than just clean teeth…

Did you know 4% of all cancers occur in the mouth? While oral cancers are often a result of tobacco and alcohol consumption and can be avoided, it is important to inform your dentist if you notice anything unusual. At Dr. Dean Wershler Dentistry our number one priority is to ensure that your oral health is top notch as it is an important factor in your overall health and well being. We continually stay educated and informed to keep you healthy, free of worry and most importantly confident in us, your oral health provider. Contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or to book an appointment.